Do you have a dog
that has to be crated
while you're gone all day?
Or a puppy or a senior
dog that just can't make
it that long?
Does your busy schedule
seem to take on a life
of it's own?
Or does that "turbo"
dog of yours need
extra exercise?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I can help.

I come to your home and give your pet a break, freeing you from guilt and
worry of accidents in the house.

I take them for a walk around your neighborhood, letting them get in their
daily sniffs, (a.k.a. reading the doggy newspaper) and having an opportunity
for elimination.  Or if your goal is weight reduction or exercise, I can give
them a good workout.  Some clients prefer that I let them out in the yard and
give them some extra needed attention, fresh water, and perhaps a treat.  
And of course, no visit would be complete without a belly rub.

Puppies don't have the bladder or bowel control when they are young and
mid-day visits are a must.  I do have experience in dog training and I would
also be able to make suggestions to assist you in housebreaking and
heading off undesirable behavior.  
Senior dogs too, need help as they get
older as well as dogs that are on medication that causes them to urinate
more frequently.
4-5 visits a week (i.e. Mon-Fri)
5.00 per visit for 1 or 2 dogs
$1.00 for each additional dog

3 visits or less per week
6.00 for 1 or 2 dogs
$1.00 for each additional dog

Special care requests
and circumstances
may cause fees
to vary